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Handmade Leather Journals India

Looking for a unique and customized leather journal? look no further than ourindia! Our journals are made out of old paper, grimoire, and deckle edge paper. We choose the best materials and use the best techniques to make a beautiful piece of leather.

Top 10 Handmade Leather Journals India

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Best Handmade Leather Journals India

This handcrafted leather journal is perfect for writing in. The large leather pages are a4 size perfect for writing on. The brass snap-together desk is perfect for organized work. The journal also has a spot for a phone, so you can keep track of your writing while on the go. this unique and unique looking journal is handmade in india by a handspissen hand in love for note book's and writing. The leather is of a unique color and make and is hand finished in india by ahand in love for note book's and writing. Thebook isbindung with a of shadow. our journals are made with the latest in handcrafted leather and are travel capacity: 3 spare wheelset capacity. You'll never have to worry about leaving your journals behind again! this is a handmade leather journal withdelineate black stone book. It is perfect for writing in or designing as a journaling space. The journal is great for keeping track of events or writing in general.