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Tree Of Life Leather Journal

Our tree of life leather journal is a great way to keep track of your life and reflect on the good moments. The journal is made out of a made from leather that is refillable and comes with a leatherette lined paper cover. You can also add your own content or write in to have it filled with journaling updates and stories. The journal also functions as a storage container for your writing and if you need to remember all of your life facts or stories for an upcoming meeting, this is the perfect tool for the job!

Tree Of Life Embossed Leather Journal

The embossed leather journal is a must-have for any tree of life lifestyle. It makes writing in the future a breeze, and makes life in the present a little easier. The leather is comfortable to write in, and the journal has a fresh look and feel.

Leather Journal With Tree

This extra large leather journal with tree of lifeembossed-blank papers dairy book is the perfect way to keep all your thoughts and emotions in check. With all the leaves of the tree of life embossed on the pages, it's easy to write in the minutes it takes to write a letter. this pretty leather journal tree is the perfect way to keep track of all the steps you take in life. The leather is sleek and would make a great addition to any home or office. this tree of life leather journal diary is handmade with love in the heart of my husband and me. It's large and beautiful with a c-lock notebooks cheese and leather band. The journal has a new design for 2009 and I'm so excited to start writing in it. Thetreeoflife is a blog about life, love and all things life! the tree of life leather journal diary is hand-made with large tree of life leather pages that can fit into all the pages of your journal with room to write, store, and protect your memories of your life. The tree of life leather journal is a great way to remember and write about your life as a woman, and it is also a great tool for tracking your life and for managing your money.